MC Dev 07-28-17 - NPC Majesty Child Design Complete

Finished NPC Dr. Majesty Child's basic set of emotions and overall character design as well as character sheet. Whether or not NPCs will have secondary outfits within Mosaic Child has yet to be decided. You can review their background information below and view a small portion of their range of emotions (11 out of 21)  above in the watermarked images provided.  I haven't decided if Majesty will be an dateable NPC or not as their guidance and  caretaking of the player character is integral to the storyline. Not to mention if the player character is both a patient and eventual staff member it would be inappropriate for a boss to form that degree of a relationship with them...but it would add to the drama now wouldn't it? ;)

[Dr. Majesty Child - CHARACTER SHEET]

Art & Concept :

Name: Majesty Child
Age: 53
DOB: 05/03/1964
Gender: Non-binary / X (Other) / U (Unassigned)
Pronouns: They/Them/Their (Gender Neutral etc.)
Race: Black
Ethnicity: African
Nationality: American
Occupation: Psychologist
Health Conditions: Arthritis, Amelia (absence of one or more limbs) , Heterochromia
Likes: Innovative Fashion, Books, Cats, Herbal Teas, French Cuisine, Jazz, Lily of the Valley Flowers
Dislikes: Stuffy Suits, Reality TV, Spiders, Dogs, Heavy Metal, Diners, Summer Heat

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